Greetings all. Hoping this blog finds you well. Wrapping up a brief and much needed time off. As I begin to regather And refocus for near future obligations, I continue on my yoga/life journey. How does this practice serve me?

*Breathing more and with purpose.

*Combats/ manages anxiety and depression.

*Chakra realignment.

*Better sleeping patterns.

*Stress management.

*Processing reality, emotions and thoughts. And knowing the difference.

Of course, in order to reap these benefits, daily practice and mindfully looking within must take place. Yoga is not about getting yourself into bizarre and amazing positions. It is about the coexistence of physical, mental and spirituality. The development of these components for life. Awareness, self regulation and higher consciousness in the individual.

No one is perfect, we all should be fully aware of this. What we can do, is focus on being the best of us, that we can be. And this means, working from the inside to out. This may sound easier than what it is, to do. Or, overwhelming and intensely unrealistic.

Either way, feeling the way one does, is perfectly normal. ⭐️View picture, below. (Perfect example: Eka Pada RajakaPotsanaII) . Allowing emotions to flow and pass by like clouds, for some takes awhile to allow.

*Back Bending

*Psoas muscle release+stretch+stimulation.

*Hip opener= Root+Sacral Chakra Healing.

*Heart/Throat Chakra Healing=Lifting/Opening up of the chest.

*Sense of Belonging and Balance.

I usually, add pigeon pose components in with this wonderful asana. Everyday, is different from the next so, executing without, is just as beneficial.



Wild Thang!

Greetings all! Hoping this blog finds you well and in good spirits. As usual, lots of amazing things going on in life. Some are uplifting and inspirational. While others, seem to be the opposite. I’ve decided to continue posting here. More blogs will consist of my journey within yoga. I’ve been doing online yoga challenges for a few years now. And it has been incredibly motivational. For myself and many others. So, here we go! Today’s highlight: Wild Thing Pose / Camatkarasana

Benefits of Wild Thing Pose: Wild Thing offers a stretch for the chest, shoulders, and throat, as well as the hip flexors and front legs. The pose also builds strength in the arms, shoulders, and upper back, and has an invigorating effect that can combat fatigue and mild depression.Many things effect the state of mind/body. Current events, past relationships, recent relationships, financial issues, expectations of ourselves and others, you name it. The task is to find ways to deal/manage all that life presents us with. Healing and forgiveness is a consistent work in progress. So, breathing into and through all things is so very important!

Quite often, we may feel powerless and alone. Which can cause: Stiffness in the heart, mind and body. Which can also lead to: Lashing out at loved ones and onto ourselves. So, getting back in tune with our own very personal spirituality, must happen. Be well everyone. Thank you for viewing and reading. Stay tuned for more. Namaste 🌺

Ballerina Hair Chronicles.  

Greetings all!! As many of you may already know, Nutcracker Season ❄️🌸 is in full swing!! During this time especially, it is common for us to learn multiple hair styles, while preserving healthy hair. It is a common misconception that ethnic hair textures lack the potential to look polished.

Figuring out your hair texture needs, its capabilities and how to maintain it on and off the stage is quite beautiful and sacred. *I’ve attached a link, please view. You’ll see my version of a French Twist created in less than 5 mins. Show days require efficiency and attention to detail.

Back bending/ spinal mobility. 

Greetings all!! Hoping you’re well. Been doing more reflecting why and how yoga+GYROKINESIS® came into my life. About 5/6 years ago (roughly) I found myself feeling compressed in more ways than physically. I realized, I’d been taking on many loads in ways unhealthy for me. Went into one of my daily dance classes one day. Began the usual routine of pre warm and and warm up. I went into a few stretches I’ve done for years and felt an incredibly large amount of pain!! My heart sank and I began flashing through my life, in this body. Changes needed to happen..  The pose I shared here, is recent. But it is one of the positions that was a wake up for me, it was no longer being accessible. My journey began, from there..  

Water water water!!

It’s been awhile so, I’ll begin with writing a little about water. By now, most of us know how important water is to the EVERYTHING. Making it happen properly, is the challenge for many. As humidity rises and summer is surely upon us, let’s take in as much water as we can. The drink of the day is Cucumber water🥒. It supports healthy skin. Cucumber water can help soothe your skin from the inside out. Staying hydrated helps your body to flush out toxins and maintain a healthy complexion. Cucumbers are also high in pantothenic acid or vitamin B-5, which has been used to treat acne. So, cheers to you, the present and the future!! Drink up!! 

So many things are effects by lack of water. From mood swings to insomnia. Muscle fatigue to digestion issues. 


Greetings all!! I’ve been silent for awhile. Living, processing, changing, learning and growing. This post I’ll begin with,thank you for following for all this time. And, thank you for joining me. Dance/Physical Education, wellness has been my force for so long. I’m truly blessed. 

My blog focuses on the life and journey of this body/mind. Maybe, you find my writing inspirational and entertaining.  Over the past 5 years, I’ve found myself in a beautiful dance, a tango between the art of dance, GYROKINESIS®, fitness and yoga. More than 3x of a decade of life has shown me, mobility of the body and mind are key!!   I attend to transfer things I’ve learned and am learning on this journey. Please feel free to join me. 

Gazing into 2017.

Greetings all. First off, I’d like to wish you all a very Happy and Blessed New Year! 2016, and the years before are done.. surely, I am not the only one to agree, the ups, downs, miscalculations, bumps and falls have been quite humbiling. Within this new year, plans that have been made: aim to be reinforced. Toxic and hugely stressful friendships/ useless, saddening and overpowering  business connections: be dismissed. Bright and promising future, within a stronger, beautiful, loving, caring platform to stand, rely on and systematically, rest upon: arise! Allow, the openness and expression that is required, to flow forth. Giving and Receiving all that I am worth and desire. And to just as well, provide such blessings of gifts, outwardly!!