Hey there!! I really appreciate those that take the time to read my blogs. This is the very beginning and as time goes on, I’ll get clearer and more defined, as with just about anything we put our minds to! Anyhow, I was in the mood to write tonight. But, I didn’t want this blog to come off as a big ol’ Venting Session!! Jeeze….life in “The Big Apple” even though Manhattan is not very big at all, can be all the way live!! And intense. But, like I said, I do not want to make this a Venting Session!! I just want to let you all know that I am as well as I can be through all the concrete, masses of human bodies orbiting blindly at times around each other and that, I am still very much focused on keeping my body finely tuned and ready to create! And that goes for my mind and heart as well. Thanks for stopping by and see you soon!! P Continue reading


Beautiful Saturday

greetings! I took a brief break from blogging. Since, the power and amazement of living life and everyday at that, has taken up much energy and time… Therefore, I can return with experiences to share! Today, right in front of my apartment building here in Harlem, there is a Block Party!! Closed off block, family, friends, love, music a little dancing and BBQ!! I look to the outside, from inward, from my window and think: It could be any given year: 1934,1976, 1965, 2001, 2012! I planning on getting out there and breathing it all in. And take a few pictures to share. See you in a few hours!



Bikram and Ballet

So, as the beginning of this week rolls off to a slow yet meditated start, I look back on the week/weeks past. Finally, I was able to get myself back into my usual physical activities of Bikram yoga once or twice a week in addition to few ballet class sprinkled in as well.

Since, I have been traveling for business be it attending a Dance Conference in San Francisco,CA, Teaching Master Ballet Classes in NC and finally home to rest and visiting my lovely parents in FL, there was very little time to take any classes. So, I swam and jogged to soothe my mind/body connection the best I can. That was just enough, for the time being….

It took about a week to adjust back to the swing of New York City. And now, I am officially ready to continue conditioning from the inside out. Which is why I am returning to my Bikram yoga and Ballet schedule. I have been doing Bikram or Hot Yoga for close to 2 years now and I kid you not, the first few weeks, I thought I was not going to be able to take it!! The breathing exercises are so intense since, they were ‘true” deep breaths and not sips of air! I hadn’t realized that I wasn’t completely breathing inward or outward. Once I figured this out, learning about the poses and what they are good for, made it even more intense and amazing. And to rely on the breath to lead you. Yoga: Physical, Mental and Spiritual discipline originating in ancient India. and found in Hinduism, Buddism and Jainism and Sikhism.

At that point, the sweat is coming and I am feeling much more aware and a sense of wellness is creeping up. Yay! Anyhow, for the next 90 minutes, there is more to experience! The balancing positions and the stretching involved are very humbling for us dancers who are thought to be masters of our bodies. Learning to listen to what my body is saying and needing is the challenge, but not as hard as it used to be. Everyday is different from the next and embracing this is the goal! To get myself to smile and wink at myself in the all fearful and judging MIRROR and mind, is a huge task! As a ballerina, performing artist, this is very important. So, to bring my studies of Bikram Yoga into my daily training and up keep, has showed and reminded me that patience, healing, learning, relearning and dealing are continuous and valuable in Life/Art. That is all for now. So, Enjoy this day since, it is a devine Blessing!

All about balance.

Good morning and Good day! Just stopping by to share a few words on Balance. Balance: An even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady. Scales, Poised, Equilibrium. For me at this moment, to find the Balance between maintaining my dancing and creative body and maintaining the flow of information on becoming Artistic and Executive Director of my own INC. is quite a challenge yet, I feel it is very possible. One day at a time and continuing to be thankful for what I do have. And with that being said, I’ve got to run and prepare myself for a meeting scheduled and let go of the fact that I didn’t make it to a ballet class this morning. That’s ok. Try again tomorrow. Eventually, I will find my own rhythm of things and ride it gracefully. Bye for now, P

Home= Harlem!

Greetings! I am just getting in from attending the Dance Theatre of Harlem Street Festival! Back in the day, it was the very first time for me, right out of Miami, FL and New World School of the Arts, to be showcased and present all that Ive learned and perfected while training Intensely in NYC! I not only got to relive those very special moments but, I also got a chance to reconnect with those mothers that took me in during the first few years and onward, Ensemble Members that I worked with when I rejoined the Ensemble a few years ago and former Company members from when I was apprentice to Principal in that final Company under the direction of Arthur Mitchell! My heart sang and wept as I looked upon their faces with smiles and questions as to what is it that I am doing:NOW. I did explain a few things and I also, left a few things to silence. Since, I feel I am still defining what,who and why. . .

DTH will and is still considered, home for me. A place to remind myself, a place to come to place my hand on the horizontal barre and find bits of myself, again!!I am planning to attend a ballet class on Tuesday morning. Since, it has been a number of months since Ive taken anyone’s ballet class. Which, includes Bikram Yoga that is located right down the street from there!! I am in need of that reconnection that ballet class brings me! Gigs come and go, as money does too! But, staying in tune and in shape: PRICELESS!!

In addition to these amazing events of reunion, I realized that Misty Copeland had attended as well. Right away, I figured to stop by and say hello. And I did. Also gave her my information, since I’d delight in speaking with her very soon. Why, not only are we Ballerinas that are American here and now but, in reference to the T shirt stating I AM NOT MISTY that Terrenceo and I did on the streets of Harlem a few weeks ago(Profile Picture) and the rest of the series. I plan on keeping you posted on all that and the rest that is to come. Be well and God Bless you, Paunika