Black ballet dancers, where art thou??

Good morning! Last night before going to bed, I read this article I found in The Guardian online. “Where are the black ballet dancers?” I’ve got much to say about this. But for now, I’ll just post a couple of pics that speak for themselves!




On your mark, Get set. . . .

Greetings! Now, that I have spent an amount of hours submerged in a huge Performance Art book, a Composition book with various notes taken on my own from a Dance Conference, Meetings and conversations on the matters of internal structure of my dance company, endless pages of notes and comments from searching online. I am feeling as if I am about to explode!! Well, not really. . .Let’s see, what the clearest way to explain this feeling. . . .Hmmmmm oh I got it! The easiest way to explain this feeling is imagining a Muscle. Like the tiny forgotten ones, located underneath larger ones and bones. You never know it’s there until we ask of it something we never knew we had or could ever do!! Well, I guess, this was something to anticipate!! Since coming from a background of that Ballerina  and Dancer in various dance companies, freelance artist who is made to fulfill contract  agreements, following rules of the manor, etc. Into, Artistic/Executive Director of my own Company/Small Business Owner, I am on the correct page then!! It was to be expected! I owe it to myself to bring the Bikram Yoga and Ballet Classes back into the schedule this week. I promised myself  wouldn’t stay away too long this time! And Boy, am I excited!! To allow my body to feel and sweat! To create and explore! It’s been nothing but, eyes, hand and feet through the past few days. Reading, Writing (Not including Blogging) and walking. Balance will be restored. Or, am I already getting the hang of this!?! Have a great one fine folks! And Happy Labor Day, indeed!

Too Cool to Dance??

Hello again y’all. Quick question: Does anyone else wonder what happened to the evenings out, where the focus was: TO DANCE?? I would love some  feedback on this subject. Is it because, the DJ sucks so much? Is it because you find yourself thinking about money, or the lack of it, pure work, assignments that are due? Tell me how you feel. . . .