Stopping byto wish you all avery Happy Thanksgiving! Let us reflect and research the meaning and truly research it’s meaning. Historically and Personally. Lots of things have gone down here is the very young establishment callet America. Anyhow, I am feeling very blessed and thankful to do what I do, have the loving family and friends that are near and far, to work and continue into by career! Be blessed and Merry! Thru it all. oh, and if you have any, enjoy those delicious leftovers!! As with most things, they get better the longer the marinate!! wink! catch you later!

East coast to West coast

Greetings all! I am writing to you to wish you a very pleasant a properous week! I disappeared for awhile. This thing called life, is indeed a very interesting one. Currently, rehearsing everyday in LA with another dance company which will tour Russia and Syberia very soon! Been about 2-3 weeks for me out here. Which means, I dodged Superstorm Sandy’s Fury in New York by a week or so. This, I found shocking and a clear as day cry from The Earth that things are really changing and at such a rate, we may not be able to predict and or fix. Which brings me to the thoughts of reality, of truthfully living our lives to our fullest! Love and share. Give and recieve! So, that is all for now. I will write again this week. Thanks for reading and feel free to comment. Oh and, pics to come!!