Greetings! Just stopping by to acknowledge, how blessed we are. Thru the twists and turns, the yin and yang of life. Things can actually flow nicely, at their own pace! Like yesterday and the day before in NYC, the weather was overcast, chilly and rainy. And today, it is Stunningly, Sunny, warm, pleasant and with a slight breeze that will make you giggle!

I have finally attained my Apprenticeship status with Gyrokinesis. My Sacrum and other people’s will be very happy!
So, I am looking forward to Gyrokinesis and my Dance classes, rehearsals etc will coexist. Keep you posted on that.

So, let the sun shine in and on you! We are very blessed to have this day and the ones prior to it! Embrace life and the endless possibilities! Stop, somewhere along the way and acknowledge all that around us that can be blessings! you


are worth so much and gifts are given, even if you don’t even see them, yet!