Autumn Stroll through the City.

This is what happens when you get 2 independent artists together for a stroll through the City.

From the Album: Pass!ons Lens. Photography by: Vin Glascko


Past, Present and Future.

Greetings! I have been taking a brief break from Dancing over the past few weeks. Business matters needing their due time and attention , healing/dealing with a minor injury, and such. While  on my travels this time around, I was  blessed with an opportunity to teach ballet classes at a School of the Arts recently. It is always nice, to be able to travel and make a little money while out. In addition, it is also great to be able to give back in some way, towards the youth and community!  Throughout my career, there has always been somehow or someway, to give back and take care of the Community through the arts. And how the struggle, to this day continues to keep the Arts alive and well, in and or involved with the educational system.  Throughout my career as a dancer, there where always ways and activities that I found myself involved in that where focusing on such things as inspiration, Growth, Community, Positive change. So, as I shift into more of being my own boss and being other’s boss, I remember and give thanks! To eliminate the arts: Dance, Music, Visual Art, Theatre available to all walks of the community,  would be like, Elimination of Life, itself. , I know and believe that Art is Life and Life  is Art. There would not be one, with out the other. It is everywhere and in everything that we do, as Human beings.

Coast to Coast

Greetings all! Once again, I am  coast to coast. One of my favorite travels. The time change plus, the seasonal changes this time around, are an interesting and emotional one. I am still, very much aware of the shifting, shedding , changing, regrouping, contemplating feelings involved in this part of the year. Except, I am happily embracing the higher amount of sunlight I can have where I am, right now. versus, the Big City, where there are larger buildings to block out the light. Anyhow, I am enjoying this opportunity to venture out, once again. Have a great day fine folks!   enjoy yourself!