Roses can say so many things. A single or double as a gesture, can mean a million words and emotions.



As I had a few hours to catch breath, regroup, repack and adjust my compass, I found myself walking past a very special location. A place that has many echoes of history, of creativity, of life changing events not only for myself but many, many others. A place that’s been closed and seeming nearly forgotten already due to the “change and progress” of Harlem. As I travel the world: from Russia to Rockford, IL, I come to even more conclusions that things and people change. If you want something to have longevity and mastery of time, one must evolve, make oneself open and vulnerable and become enforced with an inner strength that’s unmeasured. I find, that if some type of formula or focus is not achieved, the changes of longevity and mastery of time and change, are nearly too low to measure at all. Looking up at the now cryptic letters and windows blocked out with impenetrable paper. I remember and try to blink back the tears. Recalling the once vibrant and unique lounge in Harlem, my heart aches still. She reminds me of reality, of new and old love. And how cultivation, respecting and knowing what love is, compassion, and evolution of Self can live and die, just as it can live on forever.  

Nutcracker season! 

Greetings all!! It’s been quite awhile since I’ve written!! Life has been interesting, as usual. As a ballerina, this time of year can either be down time: rest and recovery or High energy, mental and physically demanding: nutcracker season!!! For me, it’s Open Season!!! Lots of Travel, pointe shoes and tutus to barefoot, grounded and exploration of all emotions!! So please, be on the look out for more writings! For now, I’ll share a few pictures from rehearsals, recently. Body and mind holding up nicely. Take care everyone!!