Greetings all!! I’ve been silent for awhile. Living, processing, changing, learning and growing. This post I’ll begin with,thank you for following for all this time. And, thank you for joining me. Dance/Physical Education, wellness has been my force for so long. I’m truly blessed. 

My blog focuses on the life and journey of this body/mind. Maybe, you find my writing inspirational and entertaining.  Over the past 5 years, I’ve found myself in a beautiful dance, a tango between the art of dance, GYROKINESIS®, fitness and yoga. More than 3x of a decade of life has shown me, mobility of the body and mind are key!!   I attend to transfer things I’ve learned and am learning on this journey. Please feel free to join me. 


On your mark, Get set. . . .

Greetings! Now, that I have spent an amount of hours submerged in a huge Performance Art book, a Composition book with various notes taken on my own from a Dance Conference, Meetings and conversations on the matters of internal structure of my dance company, endless pages of notes and comments from searching online. I am feeling as if I am about to explode!! Well, not really. . .Let’s see, what the clearest way to explain this feeling. . . .Hmmmmm oh I got it! The easiest way to explain this feeling is imagining a Muscle. Like the tiny forgotten ones, located underneath larger ones and bones. You never know it’s there until we ask of it something we never knew we had or could ever do!! Well, I guess, this was something to anticipate!! Since coming from a background of that Ballerina  and Dancer in various dance companies, freelance artist who is made to fulfill contract  agreements, following rules of the manor, etc. Into, Artistic/Executive Director of my own Company/Small Business Owner, I am on the correct page then!! It was to be expected! I owe it to myself to bring the Bikram Yoga and Ballet Classes back into the schedule this week. I promised myself  wouldn’t stay away too long this time! And Boy, am I excited!! To allow my body to feel and sweat! To create and explore! It’s been nothing but, eyes, hand and feet through the past few days. Reading, Writing (Not including Blogging) and walking. Balance will be restored. Or, am I already getting the hang of this!?! Have a great one fine folks! And Happy Labor Day, indeed!

All about balance.

Good morning and Good day! Just stopping by to share a few words on Balance. Balance: An even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady. Scales, Poised, Equilibrium. For me at this moment, to find the Balance between maintaining my dancing and creative body and maintaining the flow of information on becoming Artistic and Executive Director of my own INC. is quite a challenge yet, I feel it is very possible. One day at a time and continuing to be thankful for what I do have. And with that being said, I’ve got to run and prepare myself for a meeting scheduled and let go of the fact that I didn’t make it to a ballet class this morning. That’s ok. Try again tomorrow. Eventually, I will find my own rhythm of things and ride it gracefully. Bye for now, P