Greetings all!! I’ve been silent for awhile. Living, processing, changing, learning and growing. This post I’ll begin with,thank you for following for all this time. And, thank you for joining me. Dance/Physical Education, wellness has been my force for so long. I’m truly blessed. 

My blog focuses on the life and journey of this body/mind. Maybe, you find my writing inspirational and entertaining.  Over the past 5 years, I’ve found myself in a beautiful dance, a tango between the art of dance, GYROKINESIS®, fitness and yoga. More than 3x of a decade of life has shown me, mobility of the body and mind are key!!   I attend to transfer things I’ve learned and am learning on this journey. Please feel free to join me. 


Hold strong to faith.

Good morning folks. I find myself waking up a little earlier than, I wanted to today. I want to be able to really embrace the day, on my own and in silence. No writing, no reading no checking email, no checking voicemail. I’ll do a better job of this, tomorrow morning. Little by little.

Maintaining my faith has surely, come a long way. I find myself no longer questioning it, it is more like wantin to constantly, enforce it with a more positive and open heart vs only God knows what I was doing before. All I can say is: evidently, it was mostly deflective. I like to think of Faith and Patience like the various species of Finch bird breeds, that build their nests. Piece by piece of materials woven, together little by little to create this nest, house, fortress, of strength, love and peace. Custom made, hand crafted. Specifically for you and all that I share my creations and life with. Just a little something to think about as you begin your day. Also, I’ve decided to start a 7 day challenge today! Mission: Share 3 things/reasons I am thankful for. Day 1/7:
1. I am thankful for my parents still being here on this Earth while I’m here, with them.

2. I am thankful for the ability to forgive.

3. I am thankful to have the jobs, that I have right now.

August, holding onto summer. . .

Greetings all! I apologize for my absence! Overall, I have been very well. Let’s see, where should I start. My summer was so much better an experience than last summer. Why? Stress in various locations of life, have finally, been processed. The frustrations and anger I felt, have been understood, dealt with and I am still making lots of progress, with that. I Thank God. Sometimes, life will throw us curve balls, and we either, catch them or Dodge them. lol!! I managed, to do both.  Maintaining my artistic growth, which is very much connected to my growth as a woman are very closely knitted. I do recall, getting things a little confused and heading to advice from others, that meant well, but caused more harm than good. Be it on purpose or not, is no longer my concern. Allowing  myself to receive the blessings vs fight them and question them, was definitely, eating me alive!  So I guess, when I take long absences from the public, I am regaining my balance. Which I realize, even more than before, Very important! I thank God, my supportive parents and my awesome, ultra talented and amazing friends for their undying love and support. When things are good and when things are not so good! I love and thank you all!!

*Another thing: Dealing with Minor Injuries/Aliments while continuing to move forward!
Over the last 12-13 weeks, I found out I was dealing with Achilles Tendinitis. Very common, Ouch!! Dancers and Athletes attain very similar, if not the same injuries. So, since my career involves physical activity be it, dancing or teaching, I found myself in a deep and dark funk during the healing process. Since, I was forced to, ignore the pain, “take it easy” or to straight up, sit out.  Very frustrating and difficult to do!  During that process, I was blessed with opportunities to gain a couple of Certifications for Teaching. 1.
GYROKINESIS Apprentice  Trainee . and 2. Bolshoi Ballet Academy Teacher Training Course, level A. These will come in very handy as I continue dancing and teaching. And someday in the future: Slowing down on the dancing thing or No longer dancing. Either way, I will be involved in my field, continuing with my missions!  With a Career in the Performing Arts spanning 18 years, so far,

it is clear to me, this is my calling in life.  So, I anticipate, further investigating and being submerged in things related, the rest of my life. Performing, physical Wellness, Body Alignment, expression and freedom of the mind/body.  In addition to these things, I have been working with my Mentor, learning, growing and healing all at once! Realized, I have been selected, for reasons, even I am just now realizing, will be again, one of the biggest influences and one of the biggest and best moves I could have ever made! In time, it all make since and fall right into place. I just need to maintain PATIENCE!! anyhow, I know this post, is rambling on and on! I just wanted to give an update and let you all know that I am well, missing blogging and have many adventures to share. In time, so please bare with me! Thank you for following and please, continue! Take care Y’all!!! 
P.s. The illustration I’m featuring for this post was created by: Gigi Chen


Stopping byto wish you all avery Happy Thanksgiving! Let us reflect and research the meaning and truly research it’s meaning. Historically and Personally. Lots of things have gone down here is the very young establishment callet America. Anyhow, I am feeling very blessed and thankful to do what I do, have the loving family and friends that are near and far, to work and continue into by career! Be blessed and Merry! Thru it all. oh, and if you have any, enjoy those delicious leftovers!! As with most things, they get better the longer the marinate!! wink! catch you later!