Rainy, chilly day in the city

Hi all. Rain, what a cleansing, peaceful, grounding thing of happenings. I love it when it rains in the city. It tends to slow things and people down a bit. The hustle and grind seem to drop in their paces, and foot steps are more carefully placed. Mindfulness, all wrapped up in sweaters, rain boots and coats. The transition between summer into fall, has happened and it doesn’t feel as if much of an ascend occurred. Or is it just me. Anyhow, I find myself in a mood of tranquility, almost melancholy like. And I’m fine with it. A day of writing, reading, stretching, meditating and more Good Will preparation. Continuing on with the elimination of things causing clutter and discomfort. Well, that is all for now. Thank you for reading and please stay in tune. Have a great day y’all!




Saturday in the City

Greetings all! I am hoping you are enjoying the change of the seasons wherever you may be. I find this time of year to be one of my favorites! Why? Because, I usually find myself wanting to clean up, clean out, restore, give away useless clutter(physically and emotionally), rest while I create new and interesting things! Just as the trees, know how to do the shedding of leaves from this past spring and summer, I believe we as humans desire to do something of the such, in our own ways! But, here, in the city, the leaves have not started to yellow and brown in the traditional way that only Autumn can display. That’s alright though. As soon as they do, I hope to capture a few pictures and share them here. But for now, I’ll just keep on my process, enjoy the bit of warmth, with a light, very light sweater, and be content with that. Enjoy this day. Laters, for now! P