Greetings all!! I’ve been silent for awhile. Living, processing, changing, learning and growing. This post I’ll begin with,thank you for following for all this time. And, thank you for joining me. Dance/Physical Education, wellness has been my force for so long. I’m truly blessed. 

My blog focuses on the life and journey of this body/mind. Maybe, you find my writing inspirational and entertaining.  Over the past 5 years, I’ve found myself in a beautiful dance, a tango between the art of dance, GYROKINESIS┬«, fitness and yoga. More than 3x of a decade of life has shown me, mobility of the body and mind are key!!   I attend to transfer things I’ve learned and am learning on this journey. Please feel free to join me. 


I dance because…

­čî╗Greetings all! As I prepare for round 2 of my day. I take a moment to ask myself why or even how do I dance?
Different days can mean different reasons, sometimes. I believe children are our future, I believe in freedom of expression. Surely, we’ve heard these things mentioned before. But, as I flip through so rarely caught studio/rehearsal shots. I ran across this one! This pic was taken some years ago, in a rehearsal. I was sick and ached all over. Had fever of 102 degrees, with a full day ahead of me. This was the dying swan solo Odette does from Swan Lake. So, I had fresh and ideal material to tap into, while preparing for my performances!! The pain, under a spell,heartache, ill feeling, Am I dying, This is one of the many reasons I dance! I can express, transform, motivate and Will myself to do and be anything I want to be! Ability to find myself, and lose myself all at once!! What a blessing!!! Thank you God!!


Change of seasons

Hi guys. This is surely, the time of change, updating and throwing out of the old and in with the new. Are I hustle around the city, I take a moment or two, to embrace the facts of being present and productive. Along with the trees that where once green, are now beautiful shades of yellow, orange and reddish. Absolutely breathtaking! Enjoy this day! We are very blessed!


Saturday in the City

Greetings all! I am hoping you are enjoying the change of the seasons wherever you may be. I find this time of year to be one of my favorites! Why? Because, I usually find myself wanting to clean up, clean out, restore, give away useless clutter(physically and emotionally), rest while I create new and interesting things! Just as the trees, know how to do the shedding of leaves from this past spring and summer, I believe we as humans desire to do something of the such, in our own ways! But, here, in the city, the leaves have not started to yellow and brown in the traditional way that only Autumn can display. That’s alright though. As soon as they do, I hope to capture a few pictures and share them here. But for now, I’ll just keep on my process, enjoy the bit of warmth, with a light, very light sweater, and be content with that. Enjoy this day. Laters, for now! P