Bound, restriction, will, freedom.

This photo says so much! It came along at the most fitting time. The struggle, the will to continue! The obstacles seem to keep multiplying yet I keep on going, who informed you that you couldn’t do it?Who confirmed that you could? I may be riddled with scratches and bruises but I keep on my toes, my eyes open and keep breathing and moving onward!! I could not do anything that I do without God, you lovely friends and family and sheer faith/will!



Hold strong to faith.

Good morning folks. I find myself waking up a little earlier than, I wanted to today. I want to be able to really embrace the day, on my own and in silence. No writing, no reading no checking email, no checking voicemail. I’ll do a better job of this, tomorrow morning. Little by little.

Maintaining my faith has surely, come a long way. I find myself no longer questioning it, it is more like wantin to constantly, enforce it with a more positive and open heart vs only God knows what I was doing before. All I can say is: evidently, it was mostly deflective. I like to think of Faith and Patience like the various species of Finch bird breeds, that build their nests. Piece by piece of materials woven, together little by little to create this nest, house, fortress, of strength, love and peace. Custom made, hand crafted. Specifically for you and all that I share my creations and life with. Just a little something to think about as you begin your day. Also, I’ve decided to start a 7 day challenge today! Mission: Share 3 things/reasons I am thankful for. Day 1/7:
1. I am thankful for my parents still being here on this Earth while I’m here, with them.

2. I am thankful for the ability to forgive.

3. I am thankful to have the jobs, that I have right now.