Stopping byto wish you all avery Happy Thanksgiving! Let us reflect and research the meaning and truly research it’s meaning. Historically and Personally. Lots of things have gone down here is the very young establishment callet America. Anyhow, I am feeling very blessed and thankful to do what I do, have the loving family and friends that are near and far, to work and continue into by career! Be blessed and Merry! Thru it all. oh, and if you have any, enjoy those delicious leftovers!! As with most things, they get better the longer the marinate!! wink! catch you later!


Beautiful Saturday

greetings! I took a brief break from blogging. Since, the power and amazement of living life and everyday at that, has taken up much energy and time… Therefore, I can return with experiences to share! Today, right in front of my apartment building here in Harlem, there is a Block Party!! Closed off block, family, friends, love, music a little dancing and BBQ!! I look to the outside, from inward, from my window and think: It could be any given year: 1934,1976, 1965, 2001, 2012! I planning on getting out there and breathing it all in. And take a few pictures to share. See you in a few hours!