Gyrokinesis pre training

So, What is Gyrokinesis?

And what is Gyrotonic?

I had an opportunity a few years ago, to take a few sessions of Gyrotonic. I was developing and realizing my hips and back where causing me pain and discomfort. So, Within a matter of weeks, 2 sessions a week, I felt a huge difference in my articulation of my spine, ease and confidence. Incredible! But, I found it expensive to keep up, in addition to other expenses. So, I was forced to discontinue my experiences.

Anyhow, I managed to keep as much of the awareness and training  alive in me through the years,  as possible. I have very dear friends who already have their Certifications and I am now ready to move forward on my desire to become Certified teacher as well. Which is why I am very happy to share that I have been approved for a scholarship offered especially for Dancers here in NYC that want to further their careers and branch into careers related to the sort! So, now begins another path, which is definitely going to be integrated into my own dance company, my own daily physical and mental up keep and happiness! Sit tight and please enjoy the journey ahead of me! Thanks for reading and Happy Blogging!!!!