Greetings all. Hoping this blog finds you well. Wrapping up a brief and much needed time off. As I begin to regather And refocus for near future obligations, I continue on my yoga/life journey. How does this practice serve me?

*Breathing more and with purpose.

*Combats/ manages anxiety and depression.

*Chakra realignment.

*Better sleeping patterns.

*Stress management.

*Processing reality, emotions and thoughts. And knowing the difference.

Of course, in order to reap these benefits, daily practice and mindfully looking within must take place. Yoga is not about getting yourself into bizarre and amazing positions. It is about the coexistence of physical, mental and spirituality. The development of these components for life. Awareness, self regulation and higher consciousness in the individual.

No one is perfect, we all should be fully aware of this. What we can do, is focus on being the best of us, that we can be. And this means, working from the inside to out. This may sound easier than what it is, to do. Or, overwhelming and intensely unrealistic.

Either way, feeling the way one does, is perfectly normal. ⭐️View picture, below. (Perfect example: Eka Pada RajakaPotsanaII) . Allowing emotions to flow and pass by like clouds, for some takes awhile to allow.

*Back Bending

*Psoas muscle release+stretch+stimulation.

*Hip opener= Root+Sacral Chakra Healing.

*Heart/Throat Chakra Healing=Lifting/Opening up of the chest.

*Sense of Belonging and Balance.

I usually, add pigeon pose components in with this wonderful asana. Everyday, is different from the next so, executing without, is just as beneficial.



All about balance.

Good morning and Good day! Just stopping by to share a few words on Balance. Balance: An even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady. Scales, Poised, Equilibrium. For me at this moment, to find the Balance between maintaining my dancing and creative body and maintaining the flow of information on becoming Artistic and Executive Director of my own INC. is quite a challenge yet, I feel it is very possible. One day at a time and continuing to be thankful for what I do have. And with that being said, I’ve got to run and prepare myself for a meeting scheduled and let go of the fact that I didn’t make it to a ballet class this morning. That’s ok. Try again tomorrow. Eventually, I will find my own rhythm of things and ride it gracefully. Bye for now, P