Back bending/ spinal mobility. 

Greetings all!! Hoping you’re well. Been doing more reflecting why and how yoga+GYROKINESIS® came into my life. About 5/6 years ago (roughly) I found myself feeling compressed in more ways than physically. I realized, I’d been taking on many loads in ways unhealthy for me. Went into one of my daily dance classes one day. Began the usual routine of pre warm and and warm up. I went into a few stretches I’ve done for years and felt an incredibly large amount of pain!! My heart sank and I began flashing through my life, in this body. Changes needed to happen..  The pose I shared here, is recent. But it is one of the positions that was a wake up for me, it was no longer being accessible. My journey began, from there..  



Greetings all!! I’ve been silent for awhile. Living, processing, changing, learning and growing. This post I’ll begin with,thank you for following for all this time. And, thank you for joining me. Dance/Physical Education, wellness has been my force for so long. I’m truly blessed. 

My blog focuses on the life and journey of this body/mind. Maybe, you find my writing inspirational and entertaining.  Over the past 5 years, I’ve found myself in a beautiful dance, a tango between the art of dance, GYROKINESIS®, fitness and yoga. More than 3x of a decade of life has shown me, mobility of the body and mind are key!!   I attend to transfer things I’ve learned and am learning on this journey. Please feel free to join me. 


Greetings! Just stopping by to acknowledge, how blessed we are. Thru the twists and turns, the yin and yang of life. Things can actually flow nicely, at their own pace! Like yesterday and the day before in NYC, the weather was overcast, chilly and rainy. And today, it is Stunningly, Sunny, warm, pleasant and with a slight breeze that will make you giggle!

I have finally attained my Apprenticeship status with Gyrokinesis. My Sacrum and other people’s will be very happy!
So, I am looking forward to Gyrokinesis and my Dance classes, rehearsals etc will coexist. Keep you posted on that.

So, let the sun shine in and on you! We are very blessed to have this day and the ones prior to it! Embrace life and the endless possibilities! Stop, somewhere along the way and acknowledge all that around us that can be blessings! you


are worth so much and gifts are given, even if you don’t even see them, yet!

Gyrokinesis pre training

So, What is Gyrokinesis?

And what is Gyrotonic?

I had an opportunity a few years ago, to take a few sessions of Gyrotonic. I was developing and realizing my hips and back where causing me pain and discomfort. So, Within a matter of weeks, 2 sessions a week, I felt a huge difference in my articulation of my spine, ease and confidence. Incredible! But, I found it expensive to keep up, in addition to other expenses. So, I was forced to discontinue my experiences.

Anyhow, I managed to keep as much of the awareness and training  alive in me through the years,  as possible. I have very dear friends who already have their Certifications and I am now ready to move forward on my desire to become Certified teacher as well. Which is why I am very happy to share that I have been approved for a scholarship offered especially for Dancers here in NYC that want to further their careers and branch into careers related to the sort! So, now begins another path, which is definitely going to be integrated into my own dance company, my own daily physical and mental up keep and happiness! Sit tight and please enjoy the journey ahead of me! Thanks for reading and Happy Blogging!!!! 

On the up and up.

Greetings! I know, it has been awhile since I have blogged. Life happens, and I roll with it. I am still dancing here and there as a freelance artist. I am just retruning once again from CA. The gig went wonderfully! I got to assist with Master classes this company offered to the general public, collages and dance studios. Which I think, is a wonderful way of advertisement, had a hit it a quit it single performance. That consisted of a Piece titled: Little Rock 9. Very moving and artistically challenging. Just the way it is supposed to be. I was casted to play the role of Rosa Parks in a scene created to replicate her choice to sit on a segregated bus. The process for me, was an emotional one. I found myself moved to tears of emotional during the learning and digesting process. Since, I was asked to dig into emotions that I don’t think I take enough time to do. So, with that being said, It was a blast and I am looking forward to being confronted with such tasks and honors.

Also, while I was away, I got news of my approval of a scholarship that will assist with my desire to begin training with Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic Courses!! Yay!! Very exciting indeed! So, Stay tuned! There will be more writing and insight shared on that process. Thanks for reading and fell free to comment. Happy Blogging! P