disappearances and restoration

Greetings all. Just stopping by to quickly to let you know I am still interested in this blogging experience. I tend to disappear from time to time, being an artist and living life! Period. And that means just about everything you could possibly imagine is taking place and occupying my time and space: Life, challenges, resting, working, thinking, traveling. you know. anyhow, I am wishing and hoping you all are very well. Happy Blogging!! And I will again soon. thanks for following! Cheers


On the up and up.

Greetings! I know, it has been awhile since I have blogged. Life happens, and I roll with it. I am still dancing here and there as a freelance artist. I am just retruning once again from CA. The gig went wonderfully! I got to assist with Master classes this company offered to the general public, collages and dance studios. Which I think, is a wonderful way of advertisement, had a hit it a quit it single performance. That consisted of a Piece titled: Little Rock 9. Very moving and artistically challenging. Just the way it is supposed to be. I was casted to play the role of Rosa Parks in a scene created to replicate her choice to sit on a segregated bus. The process for me, was an emotional one. I found myself moved to tears of emotional during the learning and digesting process. Since, I was asked to dig into emotions that I don’t think I take enough time to do. So, with that being said, It was a blast and I am looking forward to being confronted with such tasks and honors.

Also, while I was away, I got news of my approval of a scholarship that will assist with my desire to begin training with Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic Courses!! Yay!! Very exciting indeed! So, Stay tuned! There will be more writing and insight shared on that process. Thanks for reading and fell free to comment. Happy Blogging! P

settling back into the groove of things

Greetings all! I am stopping by to quickly say hello. Just settling bac into the groove of things in The Apple. After touring Russia and Siberia throughtout the month of December, yes, December, I felt a strong need to recollect what just happened and how it has impacted my life. As any experience as a fully functioning artist. I plann on updating you as time presses on. But for now, I will go ahead a prepare to teach a private ballet and pointe session with a very promising dancer I have met somewhere along the way. Be Blessed and Happy New Year!! 


Stopping byto wish you all avery Happy Thanksgiving! Let us reflect and research the meaning and truly research it’s meaning. Historically and Personally. Lots of things have gone down here is the very young establishment callet America. Anyhow, I am feeling very blessed and thankful to do what I do, have the loving family and friends that are near and far, to work and continue into by career! Be blessed and Merry! Thru it all. oh, and if you have any, enjoy those delicious leftovers!! As with most things, they get better the longer the marinate!! wink! catch you later!